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Tarot - Level 1

Online Tarot course Level 1. Learn to read Tarot cards with World-Renowned reader Janine Morigeau. You will learn about Major and Minor Arcana, as well as her favorite card layouts.


Tarot - Niveau 1

Cours de Tarot en ligne Niveau 1. Apprends à lire les 22 cartes majeures du tarot et à faire des tirages simples pour répondre à n'importe quelle question!


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Tarot - Level 2 with Janine

Continue along your Tarot journey with the meaning of the Minor Arcana

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Tarot - Niveau 2 avec Julie

Continuez votre apprentissage du Tarot  avec la définition des cartes mineures

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Practicing Tarot with Sophie

Join live workshops to help you deepen your tarot practice

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Abundance Workshop with Jean-Claude

Learn the keys to attract all forms of abundance into your life

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Kundalini Awakening with Penny Kelly

Unlock your creation potential to its fullest with your kundalini power

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Manifesting Reality with Solreta

Learn powerful visualization techniques to manifest YOUR desired reality

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Woo Entrepreneur with Jean-Claude

How to successfully market and operate a Woo Business

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Orgonite Creations Workshop with Carla

Harness the power of your creativity with embodied self-expression

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Beyond Crypto Crash Course with Jsnip4

Step-by-step guide to setting up your first crypto wallet and crypto purchases

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The Healer Within with Rhyanna

Opening our hearts to happiness no matter what life throws at us

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Light Language Activations with May

Awaken your divine DNA and connect with your higher self

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The Reboot Challenge with Aline

Wellness and self-help tools towards self-actualization

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