Would you like to learn Tarot at your own pace?

Begin your lessons now with Janine to answer any kind of question with the Tarot!


Online course available now only on Beyond Mystic Academy

Develop your own intuition with this course and become your own guide


What you will get:

Tarot Course

Hours of video with Janine to listen to at your own pace

Exclusive Access to the Tarot Community

Share your layouts and questions

Course includes: 


First steps with your Tarot deck

The course is based on Rider-Waite Tarot - we recommend this deck or one that is based on it.

  • How to keep your deck safe
  • How to cleanse your deck
  • How to best channel the energies of the cards
  • How to set your intention
  • Formulating questions
  • Card layouts
  • Major Arcana vs Minor Arcana
  • Destiny vs Free Will
  • Daily Reading

This introduction will set the base and get you ready to work with the cards!


Definitions, archetypes and symbology

Card-by-card, Janine explains the energy and the related archetypes so you can interpret it in any given situation.

  • Each card's energy is explained
  • Meaning of each card depending on how it is aspected

We will now be ready to start practicing with our first card layout!


The 3-Card Spread

Janine shows how to practice interpreting the Major Arcana with this 3-Card Spread

  • How to formulate your question
  • How to shuffle and pick the cards
  • How to work with the 3-Card Spread

You are now ready to practice with the cards by asking any question!


Tarot Level 1