Psychic Superpowers Workshop

Your role in this spiritual ascension according to your Moon Sign

No astrology knowledge necessary to take this workshop!


Discover your psychic superpowers according to your Moon sign. It's the gift that keeps on giving - use this knowledge to also empower your friends & family. 

In this workshop, Janine, Jean-Claude & Julie dive deep into the Moon symbology and how you can liberate your Moon and get access to your full potential.

Online workshop available only on Beyond Mystic Academy


Unlock your full potential by decoding your Moon sign

Your Moon sign is the hardest shadow work you'll have to do in this lifetime but also holds the potential for your most powerful psychic gift. In this workshop, we cover the shadow work and the psychic gifts aspects for each of the 12 Moon zodiac signs, using Tarot & Astrology.

Introduction - The impact of this artificial Moon in our collective consciousness

  • Aries Moon - The New World Pioneer
  • Taurus Moon - The Earth Pillar
  • Gemini Moon - The Digital Soldier
  • Cancer Moon - The Divine Protector
  • Leo Moon - The Light Transmitter
  • Virgo Moon - The Natural Witch
  • Libra Moon - The Galactic Ambassador
  • Scorpio Moon - The Magician
  • Sagittarius Moon - The Spiritual Guide
  • Capricorn Moon - The Old Soul
  • Aquarius Moon - The Time Traveller
  • Pisces Moon - The Empath

Conclusion - Moon placement and Past lives patterns


Psychic Superpowers Workshop

with Janine, Jean-Claude and Julie