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Abundance & Manifestation Series - Activation 4

Activation 4: Unlocking the power of your Mind, Heart & Soul 

LIVE on October 6th at 11am ET and available for replay afterwards

The moment we've all been eagerly preparing for has finally arrived! Join us for an extraordinary journey into the heart of manifestation in "Abundance & Manifestation" Sequence Number 4. 

It's time to unlock the power within your mind, heart, and soul as we venture into the mystical realms of the quantum field. Together, we'll manifest our deepest desires, bringing them to life in the physical world. 

Guiding us on this incredible path is none other than May Levy, a true luminary in her field. May is a powerful channel, a lightscribe artist, and an intuitive healer, and she will be our guiding star on this transformative journey. 

In this activation, our focus is clear – we will delve deep into the art of manifesting. We'll learn the secrets of how to take our most cherished wishes and bring them into tangible reality.  

Are you ready to embrace the power of manifestation like never before? Are you ready to see your dreams materialize before your eyes? 

Join us in this sacred space where we'll harness the energy of intention, combine it with the wisdom of the heart, and blend it with the vitality of the emotional body and seal the deal with gratitude. Our collective energies will create a powerful force, propelling our desires into the quantum field where they will take root and blossom into the physical world. 

This is your opportunity to participate in a journey of profound transformation and creation. Together, we'll unleash the incredible potential that resides within you. 

Don't miss this chance to be part of something truly magical. Secure your spot for "Abundance & Manifestation" Sequence Number 4, and let's embark on this remarkable adventure of manifesting our dreams. 

With love and anticipation, 
May Levy & The Beyond Mystic Family