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Abundance & Manifestation Series - Activation 2

Activation 2: Opening receptors in the brain for abundance, wealth, and prosperity, while closing receptors in the brain for lack mentality, greed and poverty

LIVE on July 14 at 9pm ET and available for replay afterwards

A path to abundance and manifestation.

Through the harmonious integration of divine technology, we invite you to embrace a profound shift within your cells and subconscious mind. Together, we will co-create a life brimming with abundance and wealth, aligned with our deepest desires.

Previously, we carried within us a subtle imprint of limiting beliefs, a product of a societal conditioning that perpetuated scarcity and hindered our prosperity. Now, however, we have the opportunity to infuse ourselves with a new quantum technology. This remarkable innovation will program our subconscious minds and elevate our being with frequencies rooted in ancient wisdom, inviting the manifestation of abundance and wealth—the very fabric of opulence.

By attuning our consciousness to this higher frequency technology, we become a magnetic force, effortlessly drawing wealth and abundance towards us.

During this activation, our focus lies in the downloading of new technology for manifestation and abundance. Together, we will embark on the following key points:

  •  Releasing vows, contracts, and agreements tied to poverty and scarcity, freeing ourselves from their grip.
  •  Engaging in the light language activation, a powerful tool to reprogram the subconscious mind with the transformative quantum technology that paves the way for abundance and manifestation.
  • Closing the receptors in our brains that have kept us entangled in scarcity and poverty, and welcoming the opening of new receptors, attuned to abundance, wealth, and the sacred codes of manifestation.

In this harmonious journey, we unite our intentions, embracing the infinite possibilities that lie before us. Let us embark on this adventure of self-discovery and unlock the gateways to a life of boundless abundance and manifestation.

Furthermore, as an offering of support, you will receive a special "Abundance and Manifestation Meditation." This guided meditation will lovingly focus on cultivating gratitude for abundance and manifestation, nurturing the seed of your heartfelt wishes until they bloom into beautiful realities.

Embrace this sacred journey with an open heart and a mind receptive to infinite possibilities. Together, let us awaken the dormant power within and bask in the boundless abundance and manifestation that awaits us.

With love and light,
May and Beyond Mystic Fam

We decided to offer this meditation on a sliding scale donation principle, because we believe there has to be an energy exchange to receive any kind of value or healing. You can choose the amount that makes the most sense to you. If you are in financial difficulty but would still like to join, please email us and we will try to help in the best way we can ([email protected]). 


About May Levy: 

May Levy is an extraordinary open channel with a wide range of specialties, including light language, intuitive healing, mudras, light language art, and sigils. Through her innate gift of channeling, she skillfully works with these channeled methods to bring forth profound healing and life-changing experiences for the collective. 

May combines these powerful channeled methods with Theta Healing modality to delve into the depths of the subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs are stored. With great expertise and compassion, she guides the release of these constricting beliefs, paving the way for transformation and growth. Through her work, May instills new self-concept beliefs, affirmations, and downloads, effectively reprogramming both our cells and our minds. This holistic approach brings forth the most profound results in our lives, fostering healing and transformation on a deep level. Her starseed gifts are a beacon of light and empowerment. Through her channeling abilities and expertise in theta healing, she guides individuals on a path of self-discovery, inner transformation, and profound healing. Experience the magic of May's work as she harmonizes the energy within your body, unlocking your full potential and bringing about positive shifts in your life. Embrace the power of light language, intuitive healing, and theta healing with May Levy as your guide and Spiritual ally.