$22.00 USD

Abundance & Manifestation Series - Activation 1

Activation 1: Releasing limiting beliefs relating to Abundance

 The mind is the controller of our thoughts and reality. The mind is the conductor of our transcript in our subconscious mind. To heal the mind are too clear beliefs that are deflecting our ability to attract goodness and abundance into our life. This activation will focus on clearing limiting beliefs, related to abundance, manifestation, and scarcity mindset. The subconscious is the soil that we will be fertilizing the foundation for rewiring our beliefs and our subconscious mind to bring the best results to our journey into abundance manifestation activation series. 

You will also receive a meditation that will be given to you to listen between Activation to reprogram your subconscious mind with powerful affirmations, promoting a healthy mindset of abundance, prosperity and manifestation.  


About May Levy: 

May Levy is an extraordinary open channel with a wide range of specialties, including light language, intuitive healing, mudras, light language art, and sigils. Through her innate gift of channeling, she skillfully works with these channeled methods to bring forth profound healing and life-changing experiences for the collective. 

May combines these powerful channeled methods with Theta Healing modality to delve into the depths of the subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs are stored. With great expertise and compassion, she guides the release of these constricting beliefs, paving the way for transformation and growth. Through her work, May instills new self-concept beliefs, affirmations, and downloads, effectively reprogramming both our cells and our minds. This holistic approach brings forth the most profound results in our lives, fostering healing and transformation on a deep level. Her starseed gifts are a beacon of light and empowerment. Through her channeling abilities and expertise in theta healing, she guides individuals on a path of self-discovery, inner transformation, and profound healing. Experience the magic of May's work as she harmonizes the energy within your body, unlocking your full potential and bringing about positive shifts in your life. Embrace the power of light language, intuitive healing, and theta healing with May Levy as your guide and Spiritual ally.