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Abundance & Manifestation Series - Activation 3

Activation 3: Transcending resistance between mind & body by clearing programs that linger between these two essential aspects of our being.

LIVE on Sept 8 at 9pm ET and available for replay afterwards

You are invited to step into the realm of transformation as we unveil the doorway to our 3rd sequence in our abundance and manifestation program. In this immersive journey, we delve into the intricate connections between our mind and body, utilizing the divine as our guiding force.

Guiding us through this transformative odyssey is the gifted and powerful channel, mystic, and healer, May Levy. With profound insight and intuitive grace, May will lead us into the depths of our consciousness, harmonizing the connection between mind and body. 

🌟 **Harmonizing Mind and Body** Embark on a journey of rediscovery as we navigate the profound relationship that exists between our mind and body. With May as our catalyst and guide, we shall transcend limitations by clearing programs that linger between these two essential aspects of our being.

🌟 **Embracing Wholeness** Our expedition doesn't stop at the mind-body relationship; we journey further to heal the intricate bonds that link the body and mind. We shall uncover the energy of resistance that emerges when our body resists, recognizing that this very resistance is mirrored in the realm of abundance. To unlock abundance, the body must relinquish its resistance to the mind.

🌟 **The Mind as the Gateway** An essential realization awaits us — clearing the mind paves the path to dissolve resistance within the body, thus releasing the abundant energies that flow from the cosmos. This activation will foster a harmonious dance within the quantum field, aligning the intricate energies of mind, body, and soul.

🌟 **Energetic Realignment** Through the mastery of Theta Healing and Light Language, May will craft a symphony of reprogramming within the mind. Witness the healing alchemy as resistance dissolves, forging a bridge between mind and body.

🌟 **A Symphony of Harmony** As the mind-body relationship heals, the body's sanctuary opens to receive abundance with gratitude. This exquisite alignment offers the conduit for abundance to flow into our energetic field, gracing first the mind and then the body.

We beckon you to join us in this transformative exploration guided by May Levy, a true channel of the divine. With May and the power of the Beyond Mystic family, we embark on a sacred journey of healing, alignment, and transformation. As we navigate the realms of the mind and body, we embrace the symphony of abundance that resonates within.

With boundless anticipation,
May & The Beyond Mystic Family