Medicine Cards

Unlock the Power of Your Totem Animals

Step into the mystical world of Medicine Cards and uncover the ancient wisdom of your totem animals. Whether you're on a quest for personal growth or seeking a deeper understanding of those around you, Medicine Cards provide a transformative tool to elevate your spiritual journey.

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Thank you !!!! Love you all for your teaching Love, Light and kindness to all who will listen For helping us find our selves the way God wanted us to be! 


You are a natural teacher at this. easy to learn from you! Thank you Janine. Love you to bits 🌷


I wish all my classes in life were like this! So clear! Made With heaps of Love 💕 Thank you so so so much!


Janine Morigeau

Your Spiritual Guide

Janine Morigeau is a seasoned Tarot reader, spiritual life coach, and astrologer dedicated to guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys. As a proud mother of two, she combines her passion for teaching Tarot with a deep interest in astrology. Trained intensively in Tarot, astrology, and numerology, Janine studied under renowned spiritualist Connie Leonard and a Haida elder in British Columbia. Her insights are featured in "Eyes of an Angel" by Paul Elder, and she notably predicted some events of September 11. Known for her accuracy and intuitive insights, Janine empowers her clients, helping them navigate relationships, career decisions, and major life transitions with confidence.

Medicine Cards


Unlock the Power of Your Totem Animals

This transformative course is designed to help you connect deeply with the energies of your totem animals. Through this body of knowledge, you will learn to harness your intuition and stay grounded in your heart center. The Medicine Cards are a gentle yet powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. In this course, you will discover your personal totems (archetypes), learn how to utilize their energies, and navigate life's challenges with newfound wisdom. You will also gain the ability to intuit others' motivations using the cards, understand your friends and family on a deeper level, and learn what "medicine" to bring to any situation for optimal results.


What you'll get:

  • Medicine Cards Deck - Crystal Dreams World
  • Session 1: My journey into the medicine card world
  • Session 2: Archetypal self-development as a spiritual tool
  • Session 3: How to discover your personal totem animal and learn to use the energy
  • Session 4: Discovering the animal energy from cards 1-10
  • Session 5: Discovering the animal energy from cards 11-20
  • Session 6: Discovering the animal energy from cards 21-30
  • Session 7: Discovering the animal energy from cards 31-40
  • Session 8: Discovering the animal energy from cards 41-52

Live Sessions:

  • Live #1: Reveal & harmonizing with your personal totem (July 16)
  • Live #2: Medicine cards divining layouts (3) (August 13)
  • Live #3: Q&A and practice (September 10)
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